To be more specific I will be fishing in the summer mainly in Big and Little Kennisis Lake. I also want to try Kelly or Johnson Lake. If you know any other fun spots in the area for pike or musky that would be awesome. Any tips or ideas for fishing these lakes would be amazing. I think I am going to buy a kayak to fish out of too. When you did it on TV it looked sooo much fun. Any tips and techniques for Kayak fishing would be great too. Thanks so much. You are such a good role model for the kids these days. God Bless you and Barb

Posted on March 31st, 2013

Hi Jeff….A kayak is an excellent idea. Kennisis Lake, Kelly and Johnson Lake all have lake trout & smallmouth bass. Kennisis Lake also has brook trout and largemouth bass. In summer you will be best off going after bass since the lake & brook trout will be deep and you need to use specialized gear to get your lures down to them (downriggers, diving devices or steel line). For smallmouth bass you will do well trolling off the shorelines, islands, shoals, points and reef with either a Rapala Original #11 or a Rapala Husky Jerk #7-#11. Once you locate them you can either use a Drop Shot rig with a TriggerX Leech (VMC makes an excellent Spin Shot Drop Shot hook for this use), & 1/2 oz. bell sinker, or you can drag a 4″ TriggerX natural color tube/1/4 oz. tube jighead along the bottom along the structure breaks. Top-water lures will work great early and late in the day along the shorelines. The Rapala X-Rap Pop is an excellent bass topwater lure! For the largemouth you can cast 1/4 oz. jigs along any docks, trees that are in the water, or around any weedbeds you find. Twitching the Rapala Husky Jerk in those areas and also using spinnerbaits and 6″ TriggerX plastic, Texas-rigged worms will also work great for them. Have a great time….God bless you and your family, Italo

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