Thanks for the quick response Italo. Just wondering what colour of braid (Sufix 832) you would recommend for trolling dipseys for steelhead on lake erie and what colours of dipseys are most popular (size 0 and 1). Thanks again for your help. The plan is to run 40# Sufix 382, a dipsey and clear snubber then 17# Sufix flouro leaders to spoons.Dave Hill

Posted on December 17th, 2016

Hi Dave, you are welcome. Line color is not that important since you will probably be running at least 50′ of line or more and your lure will off the fluorocarbon. I would go with just the standard green color. Your setup sounds good. I would go with at least a 8′ fluorocarbon leader.


Dipsey color depends on activity level of fish. If they are really active, they will be suspended higher up in the water column and bright colors like yellow & green will attract them to the lure. If fishing is slow, fish are deeper and not as active, you may want to run less visible colors like clear, black and more natural colors.

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