Thank you Italo for answering my question of line selection for steelhead and salmon fishing with my baitcaster. Do you find the colour of line will spook fish, or are you adding a clear mono leader to the main line. I was looking into the sufix siege tangerine or neon gold. Thank you again in advance and P.S Love your show Ive been watching you since I was a kid and now my little ones are watching you as well.

Posted on January 2nd, 2018

Hi Daniel, my pleasure. Thank you for your kind words. The color of line when tributary fishing can be very important. If the water is shallower and clear, a colored main-line can spook fish as it’s being cast or laying on the water. A fluorocarbon leader in a lower diameter like 4-6 lb. test can help, but best to use a clear or green main line in that situation. On the other hand if you are fishing a tributary where the water is turbid from run-off, it’s best to use a colored main line that you can watch as you drift. I find using a yellow, orange or chartreuse main line really helps me to see when I need to “mend” the line (toss the line below the float back up-stream without interfering with the drift so that the line does not drag the float to fast and lift my bait/artificial up higher then I have the float set at. It’s a good idea to use a fluorocarbon leader for both line situations…God bless you.

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