Thank you for your advice on my last email I sent to you, much appreciated..Can you recommend a rod for flipping and pitching for bass? good length, line to use etc.I’ve watched some videos and I’ve been practising in my backyard.Thanks again for your help.

Posted on May 21st, 2017

Welcome! For pitching I use the Rapala R-Type 7′ , RT45TR70M1. For flipping I use the Rapala R-Type 7′ 2″ foot, RT45TR72MH1. These are an affordable price, they are very sensitive and very strong. The RT45TR72MH1 would meet both your needs. Some anglers use a heavier monofilament line for flipping and pitching ranging in weight from 20-30 lb. test. I like to use the Sufix 832 braid in the 50 lb. test (very low diameter gives me a fast drop and because of the no-stretch, lot’s of torque to set the hook and power to pull bass out of thick stuff….God bless you,

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