Thank you for all your support and fishing information. Do you have anywhere in Bellville or Point St. Anne area in the Bay of Quinte you would recommend for ice fishing. All the best and have a blessed Christmas

Posted on December 3rd, 2020

Hi George, thank you for your kind words, my pleasure to help anglers. One of my favorite spots to ice fish on the Bay of Quinte is indeed out from Point Anne tight in the middle or the south side of the buoy markers in 15-22′ water. That is the main “bay-channel” and the walleye move up and down near the bottom at that depth. Sometimes there are pressure cracks going out from Point Anne and it can be much safer to go out from Big Island right across from Point Anne. Caution going out from the north-shore and do not head west towards Belleville as Massassauga Narrows always have a current flow and the ice is not safe in-between the two points. I normally jig 3/8 or 1/2 oz. vertiacal jigging spoon with an oversized treble and a live minnow hooked through the head on one of the hooks. It really helps to have an ice-fishing sonar so that you see your lure and any Walleye nearing it and them working the Walleye slowly off the bottom to make it strike…God bless you and have a blessed Christmas celebration.

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