sorry to disturbe u italo but i have a quarry behind my house filled with nice size carp i would like to know a good carp bait recipe a good technique and some advice for carp thanks god bless u and ur family italo.

Posted on July 23rd, 2008

Hi Jordan…Carp like carbohydrates (vegetables, grain-based dough, etc.). It may help you to catch your carp if you “matt” (bait) the area you are planning on fishing with either boiled cattle-corn (you can purchase this at most stores that sell livestock grains), or with sweet kernels of canned-corn. When you are ready to fish you can either use the above also for bait, or make up a fresh-dough, or boiled dough-ball recipe (also refered to in the UK as “boilies”). One of the most simplest recipes that works well is to mix equal parts of white flour, corn meal flour with enough water to make the mixture in a “putty-texture” that can be molded onto the hook. If you like, you can add sugar, salt, or honey so that it gives off more flavor…God bless you, Italo

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