Sorry, I was not specific in my question below. What I mean is, it is possible to buy “lures in rainbow trout color”. For example, blue fox vibrax spinners can be bought in Silver (S) Gold (G) or Rainbow trout (RT) color. When is a Rainbow trout color of an inline spinner a good bet? Thank you Italo!

Posted on October 17th, 2017

Hi Dako, many lures come in rainbow trout colors.  The multi-colors normally work best in clear water for a variety of fish. The can be sued in smaller sizes for larger trout that may feed on smaller trout.  This can occur in streams that have mixed species of trout (brown, rainbow and brook trout). If the stream does not have a lot of food like invertebrates, crustaceans or baitfish, larger trout will predate on smaller trout. In bigger waters where there is a mix of trout and other gamefish, fish like bass & pike they can work also. I have done well trolling with rainbow trout color lures for bass, lake trout and pike.

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