Snaps, swivels, split rings. What do you suggest for each type of lure – jigs, spoons, crank baits, spinners, drop shot rig. Assume mono or floro with no leader. Rainbow as one category, lake/bull as a second category.

Posted on April 29th, 2020

Hi Steven, for fishing jigs and drop shot rigs I don’t use terminal tackle when tying the hooks to the line. I do however use an “in-line” swivel to connect my fluorocarbon leader to the main line to avoid any line twist. If I’m using a spoon or spinner I either use a snap-swivel at the lure, or an inline swivel at the top of the fluorocarbon leader anywhere from 14-24” away. If I fish for toothy fish with a spoon, spinner, jig or crankbait I use a wire leader that is equipped with a snap at one end and a swivel at the other end. For both rainbows and bulls I would use a 4-12lb test fluorocarbon leader depending on the size of fish I might hook with the smallest terminal tackle…God bless you.

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