Sir,Needing to switch many of my Rapalas to ONE SINGLE VMC 7238 {B.C. law} & need to know size and hook orientation. Old charts show only a few with hook points oriented up to body where point contacts body. Is this correct?Have multiples of CD-3/5/7, DTFAT-3, SP-5, SR5/7, SCRCD-05, SCRC-07, SCRS-05/07, SSCRC-05/07, SP-05, F-7, CD-7, XR-1O, SXRM-10, 9 RT, HJ=8 TSD, J-9, FR5&7, & RNR5/7.Appreciate any information you can provide. Rapala suggested I contact you & admitted their charts were sketchy/out of date.

Posted on December 3rd, 2019

Hi Len, nice to hear from you. The VMC 7238 has a short shank and would work fine as a single barbless hook for your Rapalas. If you are changing spinner or spoon trebles to singles I would suggest you use the VMV 9171 which has a longer shaft and works well with both types of metal lures. For the Rapala lures I suggest you increase one or two hook sizes based on the existing treble size that is on the lure. Attach the single hook to the end of the lure facing up (not the center or front), this will produce better hook-ups in the upper snout of the fish and also to one side or another above the maxillary where a barbless hook will hold much better (rather then the thin tissue in between the maxillary and head in the bottom-half of the mouth, or the thin tissue lining the inside of the lower jaw. Make sure to remove the split ring from any other hooks you are removing (if there are additional trebles on the lure). Test one of the VMC 7238 carefully using two pliers and see if you can gently open the hook-eye to one side just enough to slide over the tail-eye of the lure. Careful as the VMC hook could snap (they are high carbon). If you can it’s best to attach the new hook directly to the hook-eye on the lure which will insure the hook point will rise up. If the test hook breaks, use the split ring to attach. The split-ring works ok but the hook will “swivel” slightly from side to side as there will be more horizontal pivot (articulation), produces by the split-ring. Hope you have a great time and hook-up lots of BC fish. I am planning on filming on the rivers 800 miles north of Vancouver, BC the last week in Aug…God bless you,

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