Rainbow fishing – I met you last February and we talked about Rainbow fishing in lakes and more effective ways of catching them. You had recommended using a spoon with a muddler minnow trailer. I have tried this with many other variations with no success. Do you have any other options for me to try? Thanks, Tom. 905-821-4050.

Posted on September 15th, 2008

Hi Tom…Trolling with a 3-4″ fluttering spoon as an attractor (mini-flasher), & 14-24″ leader/hook & worm, or fly is an excellent way to locate both rainbow and brook trout in smaller inland lakes, especially when they can be feeding and swiming at various depths away from shore. Trolling with just a #1-#2 Vibrax Spinner or 1/4 oz. wobbling spoon may also work well. You may want to also try casting small Countdown Rapalas that you can control the running depth by letting them sink for a certain time before realing them in. The CD3 & 4 are good sizes to fish for rainbow trout…God bless you, Italo

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