Post sunset tactics for walleyes Good morning Italo I plan on fishing Lesser Slave lake in August and would like to fish by the fullnew moon Ive never night fished before can you suggest any tips or tactics for my adventure Thanks so much

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Vaughan….During a full moon (full, old moon), there is a lot of light at night and walleye take advantage of nocturnal conditions and feed heavily. During a new moon (young, small moon), there is much less light penetration and walleye tend to feed more during the day than at night. Walleye migrate quite a bit after dark and venture into much shallower water than they would normally during the day. Fishing “contact-points”, either from shore or from a boat like; points, bars, shoals, reefs, etc. and fishing from 3′-10′ depth can be very productive. One of the best presentations to use is just to cast, or troll a Rapala Husky Jerk in size #12 or #14….God bless you, Italo

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