One more question italo now that bass season is coming up. I normaly have most of my luck largemouth fishing from my boat in shallow weedy areas with mats and thick vegetation. Is this the main way largemouth live or is there also productive fishing areas in deeper water away from shore for largemouth?Is my best bet to remain in the shallow weedy areas?Thanks

Posted on May 8th, 2019

Hi Alex, fishing shallow, weed-filled water is a very exciting way to catch largemouth bass especially in the summer time when weeds reach full growth and bass feed on a mix diet of smaller fish, insects, frogs and even small mammals like mice and voles. After opening day there may not be that many weeds and just casting along shorelines that have some weeds starting to grow produces bass using a spinnerbait or twitch-bait. Throughout the year there are also largemouth bass that use mainly open water weedbeds to live and feed. These can be near-shore or as far as several hundred yards from shore and those bass primarily feed near the bottom or in the water column for smaller gobies, panfish and baitfish. Those areas are ideally fished using crankbaits or a 1/4 oz jig/plastic grub/swimbait , flippiin’jig or plastic worm along the edges of the weeds. I have caught some of my biggest largemouth bass casting crankbaits on weedlines that were as deep as 20′ while targeting walleye. Open water shoals and points that have a mix of weeds and rocks can also be largemouth bass hot-spots..God bless you.

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