Now I watching you in WFN mostly. BTW I got a certificate and patch from you while I was in Montreal in 1992 or 93 for having the largest perch in that year in QC. You are the best teacher in Fishing show how to rig and fishing. This is very important for new anglers. I saw just today repeat program in WFN that in Niagara river fishing for rainbow and steelhead and I saw you are using chatreuse bell spinner. Which company make those spinner Although we use here in Vancouver different lure for Salmon and steelhead but I think those will work for pink salmon and steelhead too.

Posted on July 15th, 2011

HI Baz…Nice to hear from you and congratulations on catching that large perch back in 92′. That spinner is made by Blue Fox and is called a Vibrax. The size #2 – #4 will probably work best in BC. Make sure to check the regulations on the waters you planning on fishing since there are “barbless single-hook” regulations in effect in many parts of BC….God bless you, Italo

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