My questuion is..WHY do you hold the freakin fish out of the water so long why your gabbing to your buddy,or holding it for the camera till it gasping its guts out?? Clue in man..! about i hold your head underwater for a minute like you do the fish out ?? If you did that crap here on our salmon rivers,youd get a kick in the arse..! Will never watch your show again….wingnut!

Posted on July 7th, 2008

Hi Sandy….Thanks for your expressing your opinion. I handle all fish to the best of my ability whether I will be realeasing them, or keeping them for eating. In many cases I hold fish up to the camera and explain physical characteristics, or talk about the lure/presentation I used to catch the fish. Before releasing the fish I ensure the fish is recuperated and has the energy to swim off on it\’s own….God bless you, Italo

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