My question Italo is that when i fish lake scugog in the shallow weeds for largemouth in the summer/fall, i tend to get the most action on my frog and punch rig early and late in the day, are the fish still in the shallow weed mats/reeds all day just not eating or do they just come there to feed at dusk/dawn?, if so where should i look mid day?, i fish from a pelican kayak. Thanks alot brother.

Posted on April 7th, 2019

Hi Alex, I learned how to bass fish on Lake Scugog as a youngster. Intereting since I have had my best top-water fishing there using Johnson Silver Minnow spoons and the Lunker City Salad Spoon in the middle of the day casting over heavy cover like lilly pads, slow and  pockets in thick wild-rice patches and bullrushes. Usually bass cruise more open water early and late in the day and then head for cover (ambush points) specially when the sun gets bright. Try finding some of the biggest lily pad patches and look for the thickest clusters within that patch and the same for slop, bullrush, etc. I have a feeling that you’ll land the biggest bass between 10am-3pm…God bless you.

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