Looking to fishing the long point area for big pike first weekend of May. In the fall had great success close to shore trolling body baits slow speeds. would you recommend a different presentation for the spring such as trolling speeds, lures location of fish. Also looking for a lodge I can take my father to for big walleye and pike within 5-6 hours of Toronto. We’ve done years at Nipissing but due to the slot change we were keeping maybe 1 in 120 walleye.. even trying wolseley lodge in June. any other lodge recommendations or locations to try? thanks for reading.

Posted on April 8th, 2015

Pike feed in similar locations in the spring and fall. During the summer time they can really disperse throughout a large bay or lake. I suggest you start by fishing the same area/using the same technique as you did in the fall. With the late winter we have had, the pike will probably be even shallower this spring. Regarding catching lot’s of walleye and pike, I really suggest the Bay of Quinte. If you plan on going there in May, the best walleye fishing will be south of Deseronto, ON (south of Forester Island, around the middle “red” channel marker trolling a bottom-bouncing sinker/worm harness in 20-35′ water. Best pike fishing than will be about 20 min away in Smith’s Bay (Waupoos, ON). If you are going in mid-summer, Big Bay on the Bay of Quinte will be best casting the Rapala Tail Dancer #9 in the “hot-chub” color around the weedbeds in 5-12′ water. The best pike fishing in the summer time will be fishing from Bath, ON to the entrance of the Bay of Quinte (Adolphus Reach), trolling in 10-20′ of water off the large weed flats (you will also hook 8-12 lb. walleye trolling the same area). Accomodations and boat rentals; summer/Big Bay/Baycrest Marina & Cottages on Big Island, ON. Spring/The Rectory Cottage, Deseronto, ON, http://www.cottagesincanada.com/bayofquinterectorycottage /boat rentals at Deseronto, ON Marina….God bless you, Italo

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