Just wondering what material Port Dalhousie drifters and yourself use for a 3 way swivel sinker dropper line. It appears to be a coloured planer board cord. Cheers and have a wonderful Christmas.

Posted on December 20th, 2018

Hi Clifford, thank you for your kind wishes, we wish you and your family a blessed Christmas celebration and excellent 2019 also. When the water is flowing and there is a good amount of current our from the “wall” just below the rocks I use 8 lb. test main line, an 8 lb. test, 36 inch fluorocarbon leader to my single egg/roe bag/streamer or soft plastic grub, and a 6 lb test dropper line to my 1 oz. pencil sinker. If the current is slow I usually drift whatever current seam there is just off the rocks between the “wall” and the fence below the dam with a the same length leader but with a 6 to 8 inch section of 20 lb. Dacron line (like the tow-line used for a planer board mast), with only 2 or 3 large split-shot sinkers. Since I drift only 10′ out from the shore there are larger rocks and if you do get hung up, the split-shot usually just fall off and you get the rest of the rig back…God bless you.

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