Just watched the episode on the Niagara, American side in Lewiston. My question is do I have to announce my intentions to fish American waters with the boarder? Or can I just fish with the appropriate New York fishing license as long as I don’t touch down on American soil?Great show Thank you for all the tips.

Posted on March 13th, 2017

Hi Jay, Thank you for your kind words. Glad you are enjoying our TV shows. As you probably know, anglers fishing “border waters” especially in rivers where the border is usually the middle of the river regularly fish both the US/Canadian sides. No matter what border waters you fish, here is the US requirement for notification:

You must report to US CBP if you:

  • Have arrived or returned from a “foreign location” (meaning that, as a foreigner, you have landed your vessel at a U.S. port and/or have contacted U.S. soil, or as a U.S. resident, you have returned from landing on foreign soil).
  • Had contact with a foreign vessel or any vessel returning from a foreign location; or
  • Received merchandise outside U.S. territorial waters (which generally and inherently requires that one of the two foregoing parameters have been met).

Hope this answers your questions…God bless you.


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