Just one more question, is it okay if the hook is slightly exposed and part of it visible or do I have to make sure it is completely covered with that one corn when fishing for stocked rainbows?

Posted on June 12th, 2018

Hi Angler, trout have exceptional eye sight. If you are fishing early or late in the day, or if it’s overcast/rain, or the water is turbid, it’s fine if some of the hook is visible. When trout fishing, especially in clear water or ponds/reservoirs where trout get a lot of fishing pressure every day it’s a good idea to use the smallest hook possible so that it is indeed “concealed” in the corn kernel. It also helps to use a light Fluorocarbon leader at least 24″ long to make sure the trout focus on the bait and they don’t get distracted by the line. I would suggest you use a 4-6 lb. test fluorocarbon leader and a #12 or #14 short-shanked hook like a Salmon Egg or Octopus hook. Just a tip for fishing stocked rainbows in smaller reservoirs/ponds a small ball of cheese or small piece of chicken liver (pea-size), can also work very well. Hatchery trout are normally given a liver supliment in their early stages of life and they remember what it tastes like and they like it! For some reason they also like yellow processed cheese.

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