Italo,Reaching out to you once again for some advice. My brother and I are in search for some monster catfish. Like carp, you can find catfish just about anywhere. But where are the true monsters known to be? We have fished Dunnville all throughout the year (ice out-present) consistently catching fish of considerable size, but nothing in the 20lb+ range. We keep catching large numbers of cats in the 10-15lb range. Seeing these large numbers of catfish one must believe that much larger catfish must be around somewhere! I have seen video of you fishing Lake Erie Tributaries for Catfish as well We have tried Big Otter Creek and want to try Catfish Creek too. We are fishing out of an 14′ aluminum boat which works most of the time.If you were in pursuit of a true monster, where would recommend we fish and what tackle would you sport? Cats got some brute strength and we usually gear up. i.e. 20lb braid, large hook with minnow/large cuts of bait. We always value and appreciate your feedback, knowledge, experience, as well as your willingness to share your tricks/secrets with us! Keep up the outstanding work!CHRIS+BEN LEUSERHAMILTON,ON

Posted on August 7th, 2015


Hi Chris & Ben, hearing of your channel catfish catches you are already accomplished channel cat anglers! Unfortunately there are seldom channel catfish caught in southern Ontario that are over 20 lb. I know of a few large channel cats that have been caught in the Welland River between 20-30 lb., but that was in early spring by shore anglers fishing cut-bait on the bottom. The best place in Canada to catch channel catfish between 20-30 lb. is the Red River, Selkirk, Manitoba. You are already fishing some of our best channel catfish tributaries and there is no secret spot to catch really big ones.

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