Italo,Reaching out for some advice. With the unpredictable weather and hit and miss action from the fish, what would you recommend for fishing live bait in the GTA/ Southern Ontario? What species would you say would be most active feeders right now and where would you fish for them? Struck out in Pigeon Lake few weeks back which was agonizing as many people have been catching monster musky. Searching for answers… always appreciate your thoughts, time, advice Italo!CHRIS + BEN LEUSERHAMILTON

Posted on November 26th, 2016

Hi Chris & Ben, fall fishing can be challenging but also very rewarding. Pigeon Lake is excellent  for fall musky, but only if you fish the right locations/depth. I have one exceptionally well for musky in the fall fishing the north-end of Pigeon lake. The weedline and shorelines down from Nogies Creek has been very production as well as the north-shore from the Blue  Pigeon Resosrt to Hurricane Point. My go to presentation is a bucktail spinner like the Vibrax Musky Buck #6 blade, chartreuse bell and bucktail.


Unpredictable weather makes for unreliable fishing anywhere. If you get calm weather I would suggest you fish Lake Erie out from Point Abino in 50′ depth for large jumbo perch (12/13″), using a pickerel rig, 1-2 oz. bell sinker and two small live minnows right on the bottom. I know of friends that have been going out on non-windy days and limiting-out…God bless you.

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