@ItaloLabignan Hi Italo, one of the places i enjoy shore fishing is Frenchman’s bay in the GTA, every year we do very well off docks and by the reeds for bass, sunfish, bluegill, perch and rockbass. This year however it seems as though there are no fish in the bay, we have not been able to catch 1 sunfish and we have tried worm and bobber everywhere, i have only caught a few bass, not near as much as previous years. I dont see any other anglers having much luck either and in previous years at this time people would be filling buckets with sunfish and perch. I am wondering if you have any advice of what lures to use or any information on why this has happened. Thankyou.

Posted on July 27th, 2015


I have a feeling that with the warm weather that has moved into southern Ontario it will actually help the fishing. Remember that it was a cold winter and late spring. I would suggest you keep fishing the same areas with the same presentations for both panfish and bass/pike.  You may want to try fishing around the bridge right at the end of Liverpool Rd., close to the lake. You may also want to try casting some Vibrax #2 & #3 spinners for bass and pike. I have also done really well fishing right in the channel that goes into Lake Ontario from Frenchman’s Bay.

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