Italo,I watch your show often and noted that you had good success with a Rapala DT “Flat” series (particularly the Chartreuse brown). I have searched high and low and have come to realize that they are not available in Canada (only the U.S.) – why?

Posted on March 25th, 2017

Hi Jeff, glad you are enjoying out TV shows and tips. The Rapala DT “Flat” series has a very different and more erratic action than the regular Rapala DT family.  That action is produced in-part by the “coffin” shape  of the lip, the downward angle of the lip and it’s flat body. It has produced fish for me when other crankbaits have not. I checked the,  , and they are listed in Canada, so you should be able to find them here. If your favorite tackle shop does not have any, they should be able to order them….God bless you.

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