Italo,I take regular trips to Israel and would love to fish the northern rivers for trout. I am aware that you can not fish in the National Parks, however the streams that border the Kibutzim are accessible from what I understand. I already read the other response you gave regarding fishing the Galilee and Mediterranean, but you did not mention fishing in the north. If this is a possibility any advice or names of Kibutz and streams that let you fish would be very helpful. I also wanted to say thank you for doing a show in Israel. Any support we can get in Israel is a blessing!Raleigh Morris

Posted on September 13th, 2015


Hi Raleigh, you are welcome. We love Israel, it’s people, and fishing there! Not sure if you checked-out our Italo Labignan YouTube channel. If you have not, you can see all of the TV shows we shot there including the ones in the north.  To answer your question, you are correct, you cannot fish in the National Parks, but you can fish the waters outside of them. One of the most common fish in the Dan and Jordan headwaters and midsection is the barbel. When you see these in the clear water they look like trout, but they are not. You can catch them fly fishing and you can catch the large-scaled barbel with small, flashy lures. There are sections of both rivers where rainbows have escaped from the aquaculture operations and can also be caught in certain section along with a trout fishing pond right in Dafna. I do not remember the Kibutz name we fished for rainbows, but I know that it was to the north-west of Capernium and it had a tributary of the Jordan that ran trough it. I would really encourage you to contact Oz Goffman, Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, State of Israel. He will be a valuable asset in answering any fishing question you may have.

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