Italo,I just caught the last half of your show where you were catching walleye in moving water using something I think you called a “hellgie”. Looks like just the rig I need to fish the Columbia River near me. What is the brand name of that jig and where can I find one? Thanks, Joe

Posted on December 11th, 2021
Fishing Complete Hellgramite.
The Helgi can be fished on a drop-shot rig or on a jighead and worked near the bottom for a variety of fish, including Walleye.

Hi Joe, the Hellegramite (Helgi) is made by Fishing Complete out of Michigan, USA.

Fishing Compete Italo's Minow
One of the deadliest soft-plastic for fast-water walleye is the Italo’s Minnow by Fishing Compete rigged on an Italo’s Minnow light-wire grub-barb jighead.

They also make the Italo’s Minnow which I’m sure would also work fished on a jighead for Walleye in your home-river…God bless you.

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