ItaloI have recently moved to southern ontario and lake scugog is now my go to fishing spot as it is close. I am having trouble locating largemouth bass. I launched my kayak at the nonquon river mouth, further down in the river, off scugog island to fish out in the open and in portperry to fish the causway. I allways go for 6-8 hours and usually only get 2 or 3 bites max, a fish every 2-3 hours, which ends up being a long boring day, i fish all the shallow weed matts and pads with hollow body frogs, flippin jigs, johnson silver minnow and plastic worms. As well as casting lures at the deeper areas. In the nonquon river it has very shallow weedy banks, then it goes into a small channel for boats in the middle, there doesnt seem to be any fish in the river weed edge or boat channem. All the weed areas look the same in the river and on the main lake and are a mix of very large/ thick lilly pads, surface algea and very thick milfoil and grasses growing thick under the mats. However none of the matts seem to be holding many fish. Where should i be looking for largemouth?, i see in your show you catch largemouth during the day in shallow weeds, so i dont think i need to go out to very deep water, however i am fishing these areas well and not getting any action. I rewatched all your largemouth shows on your youtube channel however i couldnt find an anwser to this.Where should i be looking for largemouth?, I am open to any info you can provide as after almost a dozen days spend out on the kayak i am out of ideas. Thank you so much Italo

Posted on July 15th, 2019

Hi Ryan, I grew up learning to fish for Largemouth Bass on Lake Scugog, ON. I suggest next time you go out, try fishing a Jointed  #11 Rapala in firetiger color in-between the weedbeds and open-water pockets out from shore. Three of my favorite areas are; the stretch of water just north of Honey’s Beach on the west side of the lake,  the bay at the Goreski Beach entrance and the shoreline north of Seven Mile Island, and lastly, fishing about 200-500 yds out form the Hwy. 7A causeway. The technique is to crank the Jointed Rapala through the open pockets so it dives down to about 2-3′ then as you get close to weeds that grow close to the surface, let the Jointed Rapala rise and fish it literally on the surface. Hope you catch them…God bless you.

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