Italo; Randy Fasan here ; retired first responder from Windsor.( yes northern Italian) I have recently taken up fly fishing and fishing for Rainbows steelhead and Browns. I look great but can’t catch a fish for my life. Just watched your June video on tributaries and wanted to know the location if you are allowed to divulge it. I fish the saugeen, Maitland, mainly . I would love to meet you someday and spend a day fishing but I bet you get a lot of that. If ever in Amherstburg look me up! 519-817-6773 Hope to hear from you soon. Retired Randy 62yrsowner operator

Posted on October 8th, 2021

Hi Randy, nice to hear from you and thanks for your efforts as a first responder.  I’m “Friulano” too!! Thank you for your invite and contact info. I have been coming to the Windsor area for the last 20 yrs to participate and promote the ICHA Handicapable Kids Fishing Derby but unfortunately due to Covid the event has been cancelled for the last 2-yrs. Hopefully it and I will be back to Windsor, ON.

Glad to hear you have taken up fly fishing. The show you saw was filmed pre-Covid in Upper NY state on one of the many tributaries that flow into Lake Ontario between Olcott and Rochester, NY. They have an excellent stocking program for Brown Trout, Steelhead and Salmon and up to Covid many anglers from Ontario were able to experience the excellent fishing there. Unfortunately I have not been able to get back (drive across the border) since shooting that TV show.

The Lake Huron/Georgian Bay tributaries can be tough fly fishing for the above species. The main reason is that the tributaries are on the larger size and there are few obstruction to keep the fish concentrated in any area. I would really encourage you to consider spending a weekend either in the GTA or east of the GTA and tributaries like: Bronte Creek, Credit River, Oshawa Creek, Bowmanville Creek & Wilmot Creek. All these have extended or all-year open fishing seasons, they are smaller so it’s easier to connect with fish and they have descent runs of all three species.  Hope you enjoy catching fish on the fly…God bless you.

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