Italo, per your advice on your show, I have been successfully casting cranks for walleyes on the northeast portion of Lake Ontario. I am looking for additional spots in the vicinity. Do you find the walleyes will congregate on weedlines close to deep water exclusively. To date, that has been my experience. Thanks for the tips ! I enjoy and tape your show each week.

Posted on August 9th, 2018

Thank you for your kind words. Glad our tips have helped you catch walleye! There are two caating crankbait patterns I use fishing the eastern-end of Lake Ontario. One is a weedline pattern close to deep water (up to 70′), that end in about 14-20′ depth. Those weeds are usually dense, but narrow in growth. The other pattern is to find larger weedbeds that are not close to deep water, but in bays where they grow in 7-12′ of water. There I fish the crankbaits around the weed-pocket edges and even over the weeds that are growing up to 4-5′ off the bottom in 7-12′ water. I use the right depth diving crankbait for each application. These two patterns work right from May to ice-up!

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