Italo I was wondering if people fish for carp through the ice? I love the fight in summer but thats all, I hear they are not great eating but maybe its cause ive never tried and i just take other peoples word for it . I know they are well liked for eating in Europe and other parts of the world. Maybe its a learned taste or.. I dunno. If you could clear the air it would be much appreciated. Thanks again Ty ps. is it realy you answering all questions? (would you tell me if it wasn\’t ( : Thanks again Italo and as a great fisherman once said God bless you.

Posted on February 5th, 2008

Hi Ty…Sportfishermen do not comonly fish for carp through the ice since they are very lathargic. Commercial carp fishermen can set gill-nets under the ice, or immediately after ice-out. Carp caught from un-contaminated waters are very good eating if cooked properly. In-fact, in many countries of the world, carp are esteemed as an excellent eating fish. I have done shows fishing for carp and I have also done excellent shore-lunch carp recepies. It\’s really me answering all the questions, even from Thailand (where I have been for the last few weeks scouting shooting locations)….God bless you took, Italo

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