Italo I live on Hay Bay and only have a small boat so I am limited to fishing Hay Bay and no where else. Do you know if I would be able to catch crappie there year round If so how and where in each season I am not asking for spots just guide lines. Thanks so much.

Posted on March 11th, 2014

Hi Dan…Hay Bay is a pretty big body of water to fish. I have fished Hay Bay for walleye, pike, large & smallmouth bass, but not for for crappie. I have caught them in the Upper Bay, Around the Hwy.#49 bridge (around the 1st abutment on the north end), and at the mouth of Marysville Creek, just below the weir (on both sides and under the road bridge). I can give you the general info. for crappie season movement and perhaps you can locate them in Hay Bay. In late winter/early spring (as soon as the ice breaks-up), and in late fall crappie will move into very shallow water over a mud bottom. They are especially attracted to any streams,/creeks/canals that enter a main body of water. They will also hold around boat docks. In the case of Hay Bay, I have a feeling that as soon as the ice is out there should be crappie in Big Creek, the channels north of Nut Island, the channels just north of Benns Point Rd., & the creek that flows from the south under Sideroad Number 8, (near Wilcon Garage Doors). They may be there during the day, or just move in at dusk. They may be at the mouths of those creeks/channels, or go up them. You will need to test the waters to see where they are. Unfortunately during the summer crappie disperse throughout a body of water and feed suspended off of weedlines. They can be as shallow as 5-7′, or as deep as 20′. So the best time to target them is spring and fall….God bless you, Italo

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