Italo I know you are very close to Jesus and consider Him to be your all. I wanted to ask if you could educate the public about using God\’s name in vain when they are out on the water enjoying all of God’s creation. I know its not your job but you have a captive audience that listens to you and this would be a tremendous opportunity to once again praise His goodness. God\’s name is holy and even though we have the right to free speech, I don\’t see how enjoying nature, our favourite hobby (fishing) and cursing God go to together. I am sure that 99.9 percent of people do this out of bad habit but this is so disgusting and horrible that I have to say something and I hope your readers take this to heart. For all the fisherpeople out there, I have to ask – do you use your mothers/fathers name to swear and cuss and to use it for no good reason? Do you use your children\’s name to swear or damn or curse someone? If you don\’t then why on earth would you use God\’s holy name to do it? God is the one who gave us life through Jesus. God gave us our family and loved ones. Every good thing comes from God. God gave us nature and beautiful fish to eat and to enjoy catching with our buddies at the cottage. God has given us all good things so why don\’t we treat God with the respect He deserves. God is our ultimate friend and cares very much about us but when you take your friend for granted, one day when you need him most he\’ll be gone. He\’ll be gone because for years you made fun of His name, you showed Him contempt and disrespect when all He did was give you his best. We should all be ashamed of this horrible habit. God even gave us a commandment so that we don’t treat His name like garbage. Let us all praise God’s name and His goodness. If we do this, our lives will be better off. Thanks Thanks Italo for listening and for praising Jesus, the ultimate fisherman. God bless you.

Posted on March 24th, 2008

Hi Giacomo….According to the Scriptures we are all sinners. We are not to judge others. We are to love one another. Only if God reveals himself to us do we recognize he exists. When that happens each of us has a choice to accept him or reject him. If we accept him we receive his salvation and he fills us with His Spirit that guides us, strengthens us and shows us the difference between right and wrong. Every person is individually responsible for his/her actions before God. My prayer is that everyone would hear God speaking to them and that they would receive Him. This is the only way that someone changes the way they think, the words that come out of their mouth (swearing or cursing), or the actions they choose to make physically. It\’s a change that takes place in the heart and manifests itself in everything we do..God bless you, Italo.

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