Italo, I know brown trout eggs are like steelhead candy.. But will salmon egg sacks work in the spring time/ winter time also? Thank you. Nick Campione

Posted on January 29th, 2016

Personally I think brown trout eggs are over-rated. Steelhead and salmon (when they run), are normally more plentiful than brown trout.  I think it’s an “urban-legend” that they work better than steelhead or salmon eggs because it’s rarer to get brown trout eggs. I use salmon eggs all season long and they produce.


I normally just preserve my salmon eggs with Borax without washing them and they work extremely well. By the way, I prefer to use skeened salmon and scrape the eggs off the skeen than to use loose eggs. I feel the skeened eggs have more scent.  Hope you catch some fish!

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