Italo, I have been having a hard time hooking into steelhead in my local Lake Ontario tributary. Irondequot creek is where I spend most of my time. Two questions for you. 1: when is the best time to head out in the spring.. End or match? Beginning of April? 2: I know brown trout eggs are like steelhead candy, but will salmon eggs work just as good in the winter and spring time fishing? Thank you and hope to hear back. -Nick Campione

Posted on January 29th, 2016

Hi Nick, my favorite time to fish steelhead is from now until around March 15. By March most of the fish run further up-stream and get close to their spawning grounds. I find the “fresh-run” fish are more sport and you can find them in high numbers at the bottom-end of the tributaries.


This winter/spring may be much different since we are having mild temperatures and many of the Lake Ontario tributaries are fishable now. That means steelhead will be moving in and moving up the tribs steadily instead of staging at the mouth and waiting for the ice to “blow-out”. So, we will probably have steady fishing for the next month & a half, but it will really slow-down by march! Salmon eggs work as well as brown eggs if treated properly.

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