Italo I am heading to Bay of Quinte this Sunday and need some advice on locating Walleye. I have to rent a boat and must decide between Deseronto and Picton. Which area would be better and can you recommend any spots Are most of the Walleye in Big Bay at this time of year Thank you very much!

Posted on June 12th, 2014

Hi Anthony….My first choice would be to cast the Rapala Tail Dancer #9 in “hot chub” color, or the Rapala Dives To 7 Flat in “firetiger” color along the weedbeds/weedlines in 7-12′ of water along the shoreline of the south-side of Big Island, around Trident Point & at Northport Shoal. My second option (if you can’t go that far from Deseronto), is to fish the bay, just west of Telegraph Narrows, especially the south-shore using the same crankbaits. You should be able to get a mixed-bag of fish; juvenille walleye up to 4 lb., pike, bass, channel catfish & sheepshead (maybe even a gar), fishing the above crankbaits. Using a 20 lb. test braided line like the Sufix 832 will give you maxium castability, feel, hook-sets and the ability to cut right through any weed-strands as you crank by just giving your rod a quick “snap” of your wrist. Hope you catch some nice fish. I would love to see some images from your trip. If you like, you send send the images to my attention at, , and I can brag about your catch on our website!….God bless you, italo

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