Italo, I am fishing Sturgeon Lake in the Kawarthas this coming weekend. I’ve got three different setups, on spinning reels – topwater live target, senko rigged wacky and a lipless crank bait. Am I on the right track for large and small mouth? what should I be looking for in new areas to fish from a boat? any suggestions welcome. thanks in advance.

Posted on August 25th, 2016

Hi Scott, sounds ok, but I would suggest a slightly different strategy. I fished Sturgeon Lake quite a bit in the past and in mid-summer most of my success on good-size large & smallmouth bass has been at the bottom-end of the lake in the Goose Bay/Longbeach area. There I would either work a Jointed #11 Rapala around the old McLaren creek channel that winds it’s way through Goose Bay in-between the stumps & dead-heads. The channel is about 4′ deep and the surrounding water 2-3′ deep.


It’s common for both bass species and walleye to cruise in and out of that very large area, especially if there is a prevailing north-west wind that stirs up the bottom. From there I would head right up into McLaren’s Creek (past the railway bridge), and fish weedless spoons and frogs on both sides of the channel for largemouth. If you want to target smallmouth I would suggest “twitching” a Rapala Shadow Rap along the north shore of the Fenelon Arm along the rocky shoreline. Topwater can work anywhere on the lake, but you have to have the right conditions, usually early & late in the day. You could fish the “wacky-rig” along the weedline/weed pockets from Longbeach north to the beginning of the Fenelon arm.

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