Italo …I am 64 year old retiree. I saw your show on TV April 11th , You were catching walleye at Trails End Lodge. Can I drive there with my boat and park and go camping on my own without paying to stay at a lodge.

Posted on April 12th, 2017

Hi Murray,  I have only stayed at Ritchie’s End of Trail.  There is a large Provincial Park  at the north end of the lake.  You would need to check the website to see if there is camping/boat launch there. I also understand that there are “island campsites” that are marked government camp sight markers. I heard that west of Bisco you don’t have top pay for camping fees, but east of Bisco you do. If I am not mistaken, you can park your vehicle at the Biso general store for a nominal fee. Best to check everything out before you head up. One thing is for sure, for a drive to location, I had very good fishing!….God bless you.

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