Italo, Hope all is well. It’s always an enjoyable experience following your fishing excursions, shared stories while educating and passing your knowledge and expertise on to the fishing community. My brother and I were thinking of taking some vacation time to fish. We were thinking the first week of September. Would that be a recommendable week in terms of fishing, or typically is it still usually too warm and fish less active? We enjoy fishing with live bait, spinners, and harnesses targeting bass, walleye, pike, and hopes of Musky. We were also torn between locations and unsure if one with bode better than the other. Buckhorn in the Kawarthas, Bay of Quinte/Waupoos, Lake St Clair, and even been inquirying about MashkinonjeLodge on Lake Nipissing. Being a fisherman, obviously nothing is ever guaranteed but looking for whatever advice you can provide. Your fans,CHRIS + BEN LEUSERHAMILTON

Posted on July 30th, 2018

Hi Chris & Ben, thank you for your kind words, glad you enjoy following all the posts and videos we release to try and help anglers catch more fish.  First week in Sept. is an excellent time to fish to fish most of our waters in Ontario. From all the locations you have listed, all of them are good for certain species of fish and for using specific presentations. My first choice for you based on that you like to fish live bait, spinners, and harnesses targeting bass, walleye, pike, and the possibility of hooking a musky, would definitely be Mashkinonje Lodge on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing, ON. I was there last fall and I have phenomenal fishing for walleye using “slow-death” hooks/night-crawlers trolled slowly along the bottom in 20-30′ of water close to the lodge and amazing smallmouth bass fishing using 3-4″ swim-tail grubs like the Swimmin Ribster by Lunker City on a 1/4 oz jig-head in water as shallow as 2-3′. We did not target musky on that trip or pike, but they also have great fishing for both. I would encourage you to call Mashkinonje Lodge and talk to Regan Thompson the co-owner. He is a passionate angler as well as operating the lodge and can give you the most recent fishing information…God bless you.

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