Italo, Happy New Year! I’ll try and make it short and sweet. My brother and I are enjoying the ice fishing season very much! Looking for your opinions/ suggestions on devices such as the Hawkeye DT1H Handheld Depth finder/temperature device as well as a more advanced product – Deeper PRO Smart Portable Sonar – Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder. Both products much different in uses. We want a versatile device that can tell water depths as well as a quality sonar, fish finder, with a good, clear, advanced detailed, picture. Is there a recommended product to suit all needs while priced reasonably? The Hawkeye has many reports of an inability to read depths while ice fishing and/or debris in path of handheld to the ice surface itself. The Deeper Pro smart or comparable items we would want to be useful for open water as well as ice fishing. Is it best to have or purchase these products for separate uses? Is there a handheld competitvely but quality advanced device that could serve both purposes? Also wondering your strategy with line strength while ice fishing with Pike around. We have lost a few through the ice and wondering if you sport simply a wire leader to 6lb mono line or a braid of some sort. Always appreciate the time and expertise Italo. CHRIS+BEN LEUSERHamilton

Posted on January 17th, 2019

Hi Chris & Ben, a belated Happy New year to you and your family also.  I have only used quality ice-sonars that are not hand-held. I find ice-sonars very useful not just in spotting fish but also my lure and how they respond to it as I try and catch them. If you are serious ice anglers I would suggest you check the Raymarine or Vexilar ice-sonar kits, 

Both are very accurate and well built. With regards to ice lines. I would suggest you stick to a monofilament line and add a wire leader for pike. Braided lines are fine for ice fishing if the weather is not sub-zero. In really cold weather they tend to really ice-up.





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