Italo for Brook trout during the summer months, what tactics would you use and what bait/lure would be most effective? Thanks

Posted on March 11th, 2008

Hi Giacomo…If you are fishing streams, the best technique is to drift small garden worms through deeper pools, rapids, log-jams and undercut-banks.  If you are fishing a lake for them, it can be very challenging since brook trout can suspend at various depths depending on water temperature and available food.  One of the best ways to locate & catch brook trout in lakes during the summer time, is to troll.  A popular rig is to use a 3-4″ long wobbling spoon as a flasher (remove the treble hook and add a second split-ring and swivel to the spoon).  To do this, take a spoon and tie it in-line about 24-36″ up from a single hook.  The spoon wobbles and attracts brook trout from a distance, and once they get close, they zero-in on the hook and worm…God bless you, Italo

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