Is it fair to say that willow leaf inline spinner is usually better in summer and Colorado or indiana leaf in spring? Fish are deeper in summer and less aggressive, shallow in spring, usually. When do you use willow type? I am thinking of brown trout fishing. Thank you Italo

Posted on April 8th, 2018

Hi Angler, type of blades is not dictated by season or water depth but by a fishes activity level. Colorado blades rotate at a slower speed since they “cup” more water resistance. That means they will work better when fish are more lethargic and not actively searching for food. The slower rotation will keep the presentation in front of fish longer. Willow Leaf blades & Indiana blakes on the other hand are narrower and have to be retrieved at a faster speed to rotate properly so they work best when fish are more active. Fish can be active or inactive at any depth in spring, summer or fall.

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