Is it a good idea to use plastic worms like the Berkley trout worm for stocked rainbows in ponds? Perhaps these are better for rivers and current.

Posted on October 30th, 2018

Hi Angler, sometimes stocked Rainbow trout in ponds can be caught on a variety of things like small balls of cheddar cheese, corn kernels, and definitely small plastic grubs line 1′ twister tails, tubes and small plastic worms. The size of the soft-plastic worms should match the size of the Rainbows you are targeting. If the rainbows are only 12″ long, a small 1″ soft-plastic should be used. If they are up to 5-8 lb., a 4″ plastic worm should work fine. I would suggest you rig wither size as a “wacky-worm” stile with the hook in the middle and fish them under a sensitive float regularly “twitching” the float to give the worm a tantalizing action.

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