Is a split shot sinker a bit less likely to get snagged in the rocks than other sinkers? Thank you!

Posted on September 14th, 2016

Hi Angler, not necessarily. If you are fishing one or more on the bottom it depends how heavy the split-shot sinker is/are and how “sticky” the bottom is.


A split-shot sinker is designed to be pinched onto the line. This means that if the line passes through an obstruction (like a submerged tree branch, in-between rocks, etc.), there is a good chance the split-shot will get caught,

150072  bell sinkers

A cannon-ball sinker or bell-sinker fished at the bottom of the line in those situations will be less likely to “snag-up” since you can often lift-it over obstruction instead of trying to pull it through, like with a split-shot sinker.

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