I’m looking at purchasing the same boat as yours but I see you can put a 150hp on it, just wondering why you went with the 115hp?

Posted on November 5th, 2020

Hi Steven,

Good question. The Team Boats RAD 1640 Canadian Sportfishing Special Edition is an amazing boat that performs extremely well even with a 90hp outboard. With a 90hp, fully loaded with fuel batteries, full live well and 2-people it runs at a top speed of 34mph. With a 90 or 115hp motor you have good top-end speed but you can also troll under 2mph is needed. Because if the hydrodynamic hull design it is extremely fuel efficient. From my 50+ yrs. of running many brands of fiberglass and aluminum boats that have included Prince craft, G3, Ranger, Skeeter, Stratos and Allison’s, worlds fastest fishing boats rugged with outboard over 200hp I have come to appreciate that you can only run fast if water surface conditions are very good. To me having a reasonable top-end speed, good hole-shot, low trolling speed, and exceptional mileage not to mention a solid 3/16” welded hull and fishing friendly layout and ease of cleaning is perfect for multi species fishing.  Fish with a Passion. God bless you, Italo

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