Im looking at possibly getting a G3 175FS. Im in Toronto. Should I deal with Leisure Marine or Georgian Bay Marine Georgian Bay is the only dealer at the fishing shows what do I do about local service. Im upgrading from a 2005 Tracker Targa 16ft walkthru allwelded boat that had some cracks in the hull that were repaired last year fortunately under warranty by Grumpys marine who recommended the G3 or Lund. Im not too comfortable with it possibly happening again hitting the waves too hard. I pretty much only fish Lake Simcoe. I understand riveted boats are better. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Todd…I think you should get prices from both dealers and make your decision after you feel most comfortable with either one. I have ran G3 boats for many years and I fish big waters like Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Eagle Lake, Simcoe, etc. and I have never had any problems. The G3’s run well, they are comfortable and safe and especially fisherman-friendly. I have ran everything from a 185 to a 172. I will be running a 172 again this season powered by a 115 4-stroke Yamaha. If you are going to be at the Toronto Sportsman Show I would really encourage you to go to the G3 display and look for Al Galagher. He is the G3-man in Canada and can answer any questions you may have on the boats…God bless you, Italo

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