I’m interested in picking your brain about real vision and the use on the Great Lakes. I’ve got a place in Manistee, MI. I was directed from the dealer to not go w/ real vision transducer as it would work in deep water. It looks like it’s working rather well for you. Can you tell me what transducer your using?I’ve got a 32 Tiara and it’s currently running a through hull (actual model slips my mind).Any and all intell would be greatly appreciated!Regards,Ric810-210-6999

Posted on March 2nd, 2022

Hi Riccardo, I have been running the 360-Read Vision with my Raymarine Axiom’s both for saltwater and freshwater fishing. That feature really helps me to locate suspended fish in deep water where I often troll for Salmon/Trout in the Great Lakes and fish for “pelagic” saltwater fish species in the Gulf of Mexico that feed from the surface to the mid water column.

That feature allows me to mark baitfish schools and predators 360-degrees around the boat. I can place a waypoint on the location I see and then I adjust my drift/troll accordingly to intercept those fish.

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