I’m going up to the Key River, Ontario, first week of September. The Key is two rivers south of the French River. I was wondering what depth and where pike, pikerel(walleye) and crappies are this time of year. I’ll be staying at Camp Dore on the Eky at hwy69.

Posted on August 20th, 2021

The Key River, ON is an excellent fishery for all the species you are going after in early Sept. ‘

Key River.
Worm harnesses fished slowly along the bottom work great to locate Sept. Walleye in the Key River, ON

The Walleye should be in 15-20′ on flats near deep water. Best way to catch them is to slow-troll with a bottom-walking sinker and worm harness.

Key River.
Pike like to hang around isolated weeds and won’t hesitate to strike a well presented spinner.

The Pike will be shallow around any isolated weed growing along rocky shorelines. Try casting #4 inline spinner like the Vibrax #4 and also 3/8 oz spinnerbaits close to the weeds.

Key River.
Crappie grow big and taste great from the Key River, ON.

The Crappie will be a little trickier. They really move around in early Sept. but you may find them off of large weedbeds in 10-20′ water. Best presentation to use for them is am 1/8 oz jig rigged with a 1″ soft-plastic grub with/without tipping it with a small piece of nightcrawler. Hope you have a great trip…God bless you.

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