I will be fishing Lake Cecebe, Magnetawan River (at east end of the lake) and Goose Lake just next to Lake Cecebe near Burks Falls last few days of May and first few of June. Have you ever fished this area and would you have any tips. Have done well getting 25 to 28 inch pike at this time of year and the odd walleye, would like a better catch of walleye. Will also be on same lake 3rd week of Aug. but have not had great luck in summer. My son has done well in summer, a 42 inch pike and 28 inch walleye. I need your help to outfish him. Thanks for any info. PaulNote – Almost all fish caught are returned to the water, but I still enjoy to eat the off one.

Posted on February 20th, 2017

Hi Paul, thanks for your question. You sound like a conservation minded angler that let’s his son catch the largest fish!! I have not fished Lake Cecebe or Goose Lake, but I have fished Ahmic Lake which is part of the same system fishing out of Woodland Resort for bass and walleye.

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At that time in May some walleye will still be near their spawning areas, but many will be in deeper water “recovering” from spawning and just starting to get into their spring/summer pattern. If you have a good fishfinder on your boat check out flats near the the main-lake basin in water 15-25′. During the day you may find larger walleye literally laying on the bottom there and you can fish jigs for them. Those same walleye will probably suspend early and late in the day as they actively feed and that’s when you are better off trolling crankbaits through the same area. Also try trilling a slow wobbling lures like a Jointed or Original Rapala on the shallower flats close to where you think the walleye spawned earlier. There should also be scattered fish there that you will need to cover water to find. Always check shallower structure outcrops that time of year and cast some Rapala Husky Jerk in the 5-10′ depth, you could get into some large walleye or pike. In Aug., things will be quite a bit different. The larger walleye will be feeding very close to open water reefs, shoals and other structure that come up as shallow as 5′. Timing will be critical than to intercept those feeding fish. They may move right on to the structure early and late in the day and will probably be at the deeper-end of the structure during the day.

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