I was wondering if you have travelled on commercial airlines with a portable sonar unit because the last few times I have travelled they have confiscated my battery. I left from Toronto with the unit on my carry on and the 12V 9ah sealed lead acid battery attached to the sonar to show that is was working without an issue. But on the flights back from Winnipeg and Thunder Bay they were confiscated. This happened twice with carry on and once with checked baggage (in an insulated box). Have you experienced this problem before? Thanks.

Posted on March 8th, 2018

Hi Ed, interesting. I have never had my battery confiscated, but I have had my CO2 cartridge confiscated from having in on my collar PFD in my checked-in baggage.  Airlines are strange sometimes. One time I had a roll of duct tape confiscated?? So you don’t loose your battery again I would suggest you send it ahead of time to your hotel or lodge that you will be visiting and then send it back to your home when you depart. I know it’s a hassle, but will save you aggravation & costs to purchase an additional battery. I was going to take a 5′, 2-piece rod back as carry on on my return flight from Montreal/Toronto a couple of weeks ago and decided for safety to just courier it to my home. Best decision I made. For a few dollars it arrived safely and I had no hassles with the airline.

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