I was watching a video of you on your youtube channel, fishing on Bay of Qunite. Attached to the gunnels of your boat you have a multi fishing rod holder hat lets them lay horizontal along the gunnels. I think that is just awesome and would like to get one for my boat. I was wondering who makes them?Thanks

Posted on March 10th, 2020

Hi Matthew, I made that rod holder myself here are some images to show you how I build it.

I used two rod holders that are designed to fit on a Tracker aluminum boat. I attached the two flat rod holders to the removable gunwale plate that you can install on any boat that had the gunwale-groove running on the inside of the gunwale.

Next I took a piece of aluminum about 1/8″ thick and attached a fish measuring tape to it. I then attached the aluminum to the two gunwale plates. Added stability and also gives an easy way to measure fish.

lastly I slid the gunwale plates in the right location and tightened them…easy-peasy!


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