I was thinking of taking a weekend trip in the fall to the Bay of Quinte. When would be a good time to go? Where is a good spot or spots to target? What baits and methods would be best for this time of year? Sorry I forgot to mention I\’m after some of those famous walleye. Love your show and God bless. Thanks.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Johnathan…Thank you for your kind words. Right now is an excellent time right through to ice up. I just got a phone call from my friend Larry Komidar who travels from Ohio, USA to fish the Bay many time per year. He arrived yesterday afternoon in Picton, ON and said it rained right up to 4pm. He went out and cast crankbaits east of Glenora, ON from 4-6 and landed 4-walleye ranging form 9-11 lb., and lost a couple. He is fishing today and tomorrow and than I\’ll get a full report on Sunday from him.

Best location right now: The weedlines in Picton Bay right around the corner past the Glenora ferry-crossing.

Best presentation: Casting crankbaits along the weedlines (from deep water to the weed-edge, from the weed-edge to deep water, and parralel to the weed-edge_.

Most productive crankbaits: Rapala Tail Dancer #9 (hot chub color), Rapala Tail Dancer #11 (firetiger color).

The colder the water gets down there, the more the walleye will suspend in open-water. That\’s when it\’s best to troll for them with planer-boards and the Rapala Tail Dancer #11…God bless you, Italo

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